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As small and medium-businesses become more digital, having control over devices is vital – especially in remote settings – to reduce downtime and IT support costs, among other benefits.Supplied

From tight margins to tight timelines, small and medium-sized business owners face multiple challenges – but new technologies have come a long way in empowering them to accomplish more with less.

Business owners need tech solutions that are easy to use, reliable, flexible, secure and energy efficient. That is what inspired Intel to develop Intel vPro® – powered by the newest Intel® Core™ processors and made specifically to meet their needs.

Its suite of business grade security solutions, remote management and performance capabilities are designed to deliver value to businesses of all shapes and sizes, right out of the box.

Business owners have countless options when it comes to PC technologies. Choosing one that’s designed to support their unique needs and ensure ongoing productivity can offer a real advantage. Intel vPro® offers business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security features and modern manageability and stability to minimize disruptions and reduce IT support costs.

Comprehensive multilayer security

When it comes to protection, small and medium-sized businesses face unique challenges. Whether they offer digital products or manage payroll online, they’re increasingly relying on technology to manage their operations, which makes them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, underscoring the need for a robust security platform.

According to a recent study, there has been a 600-per-cent rise in cybercrime and a 238-per-cent increase in cyberattacks since the start of the pandemic, yet only one-third of Canadian small business owners feel confident in their cybersecurity defences.

Intel vPro® was designed to address this gap and offers specialized hardware-based security. Its threat detection software uses artificial intelligence to detect and prevent malicious threats, in real time, providing businesses with an added layer of protection, and one less thing to worry about.

Professional-grade performance

You don’t need to run an enterprise company to expect enterprise-level performance from your devices. Keeping pace with best-in-class technology enables small and medium-sized businesses to minimize disruptions while maximizing employee productivity.

Intel® Core™ i5 and Intel® Core™ i7 processors ensure day-to-day performance doesn’t lag during busy periods, when they’re needed most. With industry-leading Intel® Core™ processors at the heart of the Intel vPro® platform, business owners can ensure their vital applications aren’t slowed down by substandard hardware.

Complete management

As the world of small and medium-sized businesses gets more digital, having control over devices has become increasingly vital and more complicated – especially in remote settings. Being able to tap into devices remotely is a cost-effective solution to managing IT on a limited budget and from a distance.

Intel vPro® remote access features allow businesses to access company devices to resolve problems quickly and effectively. This capability not only simplifies device management but also ensures employees are able to remain productive and free from technological disruptions, even without a dedicated IT support team.

Reliable stability

All the bells and whistles can’t make up for unreliable technology, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, when even a small outage can significantly impact business. A more reliable hardware platform can save both time and money – two of the most valuable resources for business owners – by minimizing outages, downtime and disruptions.

Life as a business owner can be demanding, which is why every PC built on the Intel vPro® platform must undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and stability. Intel has built its reputation on delivering reliable performance, but the Intel vPro® platform goes even further, delivering high performance every single time. By equipping their teams with Intel vPro® powered solutions, small and medium-sized businesses can rest assured that their teams are ready for whatever challenges they face.

With each component and technology designed for professional grade performance, businesses can be confident that Intel vPro® can meet their needs to help secure their digital environment, maintain performance and propel the business forward.

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