Car insurance. It’s a fact of life like death and taxes.

Insurance for your car is one of those things that you want to set and forget. But you want to be sure that you have purchased the best car insurance from the best insurance company.

You would do well to check out reviews from happy customers on a trusted review site like This way you can ensure that you are getting good deals.

There are actually hundreds ofcar insurance companies in the UK at the moment.

Some of these companies cater to wide ranges. Others are more specific. You will need to decide what kind of insurance that you want to take advantage of.


Many people choose their car insurance based on price alone. They figure that the likelihood of a claim is very low, and they gamble that they’ll never need to make a claim, and so the lowest price will suit them best.

This is all well and good until you do actually need to make a claim though.

If you want to go down this route, then your best policy would be to use one on the many car insurance comparison websites that are available.

Beware. There are quite a few different comparison sites, and not every comparison site works with all of the insurance market.

It may be tedious, but you will have to input your details into each comparison site and then compare the results.

One tip: do this in a private tab, and only do it once. Insurance companies and comparison sites use cookies and log your IP address, and you may well find that your quote increases the next day when you reload your results.

Many people recommend you only search when you are ready to buy in order to avoid this.

Specialist Insurance

You may also want to consider what kind of insurance you are after. If you have an older car, or if your car is a vintage or a classic car, then there may well be other routes to go.

In this case, you would be better off searching online for specialist sites and calling them directly.

Check with the company when you call if they will offer a better price online though.

Insurance Extras

It is all too easy to just go and buy insurance without thinking about all of the other extras that could change your quote considerably.

Consider windshield cover. This may be a great option for you if you do a lot of motorway driving, but not so much if you only drive to the shops every couple of days.

Other things to consider are limiting your mileage to limit your premiums.

Breakdown cover may also be cheaper when bought through your insurance company, so we advise you to have checked the cost of any breakdown cover before you look for insurance. If you do find it’s cheaper, then make sure that the cover is comparable.

Alway double check the quote. You may well have had extras added to your quote without you noticing and these could add hundreds.

Shop around and get the best deal for you.

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