Our business is basements, our foundation is people

Mention a leaking basement, and most homeowners will cringe. Water intrusion is damaging and stressful, disrupting lives and posing a potential risk to a home’s most crucial systems. For those seeking relief, the answer is often found in the expertise of an experienced basement repair company that can address the root problem, not just the symptoms.

DryBasements.com Ltd. understands this well. With over three decades of experience in the waterproofing industry, they’ve cultivated a reputation for reliability and customer-centric service. While their skills in basement repairs are undeniable, DryBasements.com believes their true strength lies in the emphasis they put on their people, from their clients to their skilled team.

“A company is only as good as its worst installer,” declares Josh Horst, Operations Manager at DryBasements.com. “We strive to make sure everyone is well trained in the repair work they are doing.” The company invests heavily in staff training, recognizing that consistency in quality comes from ensuring all team members have the required knowledge base and a meticulous approach to their work.

The focus on people and relationships is evident from the first point of contact for most clients. Tamara Bolderson, who works in the office at DryBasements.com, describes the approach: “I try to empathize with our clients. It’s not fun having your basement leak. I like to show them that I care and reassure them that our team will work hard to find a solution.” It’s this understanding of a caller’s potential stress and a willingness to take the time to listen that starts to build the sense of trust DryBasements.com cherishes.

Wendy Lower, receptionist, explains: “During heavy rains or snowmelt, many of the people calling are very stressed, upset, or in a panic as their basement is flooding. I try to stay calm while they are not.” Like Tamara, Wendy’s goal is to make the homeowner feel heard and understood, a crucial ingredient in the customer experience DryBasements.com wants to foster.

Rob O’Donnell, an estimator with DryBasements.com, understands the importance of clear communication and building trust with homeowners. “My main goal is making sure the client understands the reason behind the water intrusion and the best way to repair it.” He uses detailed literature and visuals during assessments and welcomes questions to ensure homeowners fully grasp the proposed solution.

O’Donnell’s approach highlights his belief in empowering homeowners with knowledge. “We want clients to feel confident in the

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