Make Tony Robbins Your Personal AI Business Coach With ChatGPT

Tony Robbins is a prominent coach known for changing lives. Having been active since 1977, he’s authored books, created his own frameworks, run countless events and transformed the reality of millions of people. Awaken The Giant Within and Unlimited Power are essential reads for entrepreneurs and business leaders intent on improving their mindset and achieving success.

Hiring Robbins himself might not be feasible, but training ChatGPT to coach you in his style is possible right now. Using these simple ChatGPT prompts, the methods and systems from Robbins’ work can be applied to your life for supercharged motivation, endless self-awareness, and a renewed energy for making things happen.

Access the AI coaching 24/7, and ask any question without fear of judgment or recourse. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets of your chosen prompt in ChatGPT, and keep the discussion going until you know the way forward.

5 ChatGPT prompts to make Tony Robbins your AI business coach

Control your state

Master your emotional and mental state, master your life and business. Robbins believes that the state you’re in significantly influences your decisions and actions, which govern how your reality plays out. If you can manage and understand your state you can create a powerful and resourceful mindset, crucial for achieving success. Not only does he teach how to change your own mental state with a variety of interactive exercises, he explains how to understand and change the states of others. Program yourself and your team members to perform at their best with a back and forth AI coaching session based on this concept.

“I am dedicated to the ethos of constant and never-ending improvement in my business, aligning with Tony Robbins’ ‘CANI’ principle. Presently, I am focusing on [describe your main business goal]. In a Tony Robbins-style coaching session, facilitate a back-and-forth dialogue. Ask questions one by one to explore strategies for embracing change and fostering continuous growth. You should act as Tony Robbins and not break character. Adopting Robbins’ approach, guide me through identifying actionable steps and cultivating a mindset geared towards perpetual development and adaptability. My goal is to continuously evolve and enhance my business practices. ”

Create your vision for success

What do you want your future to hold? If you don’t know the answer to this question, how will you know when

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A Business Coach Who Makes $1 Million Shares Her Growth Strategy

  • Jereshia Hawk is the founder of Leverage, an online coaching business for women of color.
  • She quit her engineering job to pursue coaching full time and started by identifying her clientele.
  • To grow from there, she hired a support team and started shaping the business to run without her.

In July 2017, Jereshia Hawk quit her engineering job at Consumers Energy to grow her online coaching business, Leverage. Since then, Hawk has given hundreds of women of color working as entrepreneurs and coaches the tools to design, market, sell, and scale their own group-coaching programs.

Hawk knows firsthand the challenges her clients have to navigate because when she started coaching, she didn’t know how to turn her knowledge of marketing, sales, and promotion into a profitable product.

After seeking out online communities for coaches and learning the basics, Hawk started by selling PDFs and digital courses. She went on to launch a $60-a-month group-coaching program in 2016, but the model was unsustainable and required her to trade too much time for money. About nine months into business, Hawk hired a coach to teach her how to develop a more viable strategy to package and deliver her expertise while maximizing her income.

Now Leverage is a seven-figure brand. She shared with Insider the growth strategies she used to transform from a new entrepreneur into a million-dollar coach.

Shifting from expert to teacher to coach

For coaches, expertise is the product. Hawk struggled at first to package her knowledge in a way her clients could connect with and replicate. As her client list grew, Hawk learned how to deliver knowledge based on what people already understood and which gaps she needed to fill for them.

“In the very beginning, you have to go from being an expert to learning how to be a good coach,” Hawk told Insider. “You have to become consciously aware of where your competencies are, know how to articulate them, and learn the practice of meeting your clients or prospects where they are instead of where we assume they are or where we wish they were.”

Hawk refined her ability to teach by spending a lot of one-on-one time with clients through “done with you” training, where she worked alongside clients to reach

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