Pergolas to order: methods of application in the country

The garden structure is a wooden or metal canopy for climbing plants, consisting of repeating sections. The company “Pergolas-Marquises” is engaged in the manufacture of custom-made arches in Moscow. Wizards realize any wishes (for example, creating benches, benches) at the best price. Structures are often attached to buildings or are freestanding. Their main task is to protect the allotted territory from the scorching sun, wind, rain.

Modern summer cottages have long ceased to be used as places for permanent work, growing crops. Today they are created for relaxation, a good time with family, friends. Custom-made garden wooden, metal pergolas and trellises solve a lot of issues related to decorating landscape design, creating convenience and a comfortable stay in the country. Based on the large number of functions performed by structures, their areas of application are not limited: Correction of the growth of climbing plants. Zoning space. Creation of places of solitude or relaxation with friends, receiving guests. Decoration of the territory. Masking of technical buildings (sheds, garages, chicken coops). Creating shade in summer when the sun is very active. Look at the photos, videos on the Internet to see how wooden, metal pergolas look beautiful on zoned areas. There are no restrictions on the location of the protective awnings. They are installed separately in the form of a gazebo, above the laid paths, behind the house or in front of the entrance area.

Custom-made pergolas: an overview of options

Depending on the size of pergolas, forms, methods of execution, materials used, several types of structures are distinguished: Screens can hide a person from prying eyes. Often installed near the fence. The green corridor has both a protective and decorative purpose. A rather complex construction is arches, often wooden, interconnected. They are built over paths, paths laid out on the site. Awnings protect from sunlight. The hinged structure looks good near the garage or like a gazebo. The peak serves as protection for decorative portholes, windows, and other openings. Custom-made garden wooden pergolas for roses and other climbing plants are able to become comfortable canopies, gazebos, corner structures. They can be supplemented with swings, benches (benches), tables. If you want to add other decorative elements, look at the photos of designers. So you can make sure that you are making the right choice, which you will not regret after a while. In terms of functionality, the following structures are distinguished: static, firmly fixed (freestanding or wall-mounted); directional (dynamic) as a corridor connecting several spaces, buildings.

Pergolas from metal to order in Israel

Metal pergolas are more difficult to make on their own. To connect the elements together, welding is used. Therefore, it is important to make an order with professionals. Buildings are made of: pipes, forged rods. Structures with a combination of a metal profile and forging look original. The material is treated with special tools from corrosion, other damage, lends itself well to painting in any color. Awnings made of metal are one of the most durable, able to withstand even stormy winds. They do not deform after many years of use.

Buy pergola per order in Israel: prices Prices of pergola per order in Israel vary depending on the main indicators: sizes; manufacturing materials; design complexity; forms; mounting methods, connecting elements; the presence of additional forged, decorative elements. To buy a wooden or metal canopy from the manufacturer means to get an aesthetic, attractive and reliable structure for your site. When ordering pergolas according to individual parameters, the price includes site measurement, product design, delivery, installation, maintenance. The company’s specialists assist in the selection of materials, plants, provide advice on the rules of operation, maintenance of structures.

Pergol for cottage to order: ways of application, review of options Israel